Wine and Whine…and More

Hey y’all! Happy Moon Day! (Still not totally sure what that means, but our yoga teacher kept saying that in class tonight… and we got to do fun stuff because of it…sooo, Happy Moon Day!!) Since it’s Moon Day, I’ll just update you on everything backwards.  Starting with tonight. Obviously, I went to yoga tonight! […]

A Dinner Pahhhhty

For some reason, when I talk/think about a dinner party, I always think of it in an obnoxious British accent. No clue why. Anyway, I had a lovely, impromptu dinner “pahhhhty!” I decided to make Mexican food–Mama Pea‘s Spicy Tofu Soft Tacos, in particular!  You can find the entire recipea and instructions on Mama Pea‘s […]


I feel kind of scrambled after that earthquake yesterday! We had four aftershocks that were big enough that I noticed– two a little bit after the initial quake, one at 8:15pm, and one around 1am last night. I was at yoga during the 8:15 aftershock, and it scared me for sure! The yoga studio seems […]

The World is Ending

So, as I’m sure you have heard (or felt), there was an earthquake centered 25 miles east of Charlottesville today. I was at work when it happened, and I have felt pretty tense and shaken up for the rest of the day, so I think I need to just go to sleep instead of posting. […]

Vegan Sistahs

As I am sure you have gathered by this point, my friend Allie T is being vegan for this month with me! Allie is my “sistah-from-anotha-mista,” as we like to call each other. It’s a long story, but basically, we are so similar, it is as if we are sisters. On Friday night, Allie came […]

My…. dinner? Can we call it that?

Last night, I went to dinner with…. Mamacita! We walked to Belmont and saw this beautiful sunset on the way: I was thinking we would go to The Local, but then we got to Belmont and I wanted to look at menus elsewhere, since I had just been there. I knew I would be too […]


Just kidding, I am not writing a whole post on ketchup. I am going to CATCH YOU UP on my life! Yikes has this week been crazy! But so good. Maybo and I cooked a noodle stir fry after church on Sunday night. While we were cooking, it started storming like crazy with wind, hail, […]

Blogger Lunch-Date

I met my first big-time blogger friend for lunch the other day – Allie of LiveLaughEat! We met for lunch at Rev Soup downtown. I was coming from work, and Allie was on her way to work after lunch, but then her work was cancelled because of the power outage! She works at Kath’s bakery […]

Epic Weekend

Lots of things to catch you up on! My Georgetown BFFs came to visit this weekend! Such a fun time. They arrived Friday night and we took it easy so we could be ready for Saturday! We went to brunch at the Pigeon Hole, which is a fairly new restaurant on Elliewood Ave. Coffee was […]

Vegan Baking

I found some recipes for vegan baked goods and decided it was time to venture out from just vegan dinners! I mainly printed cupcake recipes, and since we were having people over Saturday night for peach margaritas, I decided to make the margarita recipe cupcakes that I found, courtesy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the […]