Second Breakfast

So, although I did not eat a second breakfast today, I really wish I had, and I wish I had had more of these pancakes that I cooked for my first breakfast.  One of my favorite things about working out in the morning is that I MUST eat breakfast before I exercise, else I may […]

Hills, Hills, Hills

On Saturday, we had our Team in Training long run in Free Union, which is out in the country. One of our teammates has an awesome farm out there and invited us to run from her farm.  It was so beautiful! We ran at 7:30 am, so the sun was rising as I drove over […]

Um, Can you Say Yum?

I kind of went awhile without making a new (to me), creative recipe. Like, a long long time. I also went a long looooong time without doing a proper trip to the grocery store. Oops. Never fear, Relay is here! I placed an order on Tuesday for Wednesday delivery so that on Wednesday night I […]

Ride On, Ride On

Sorry. That was the only title I could think of. It’s Thursday, ok?!? My brain has done sooo much this week, it can’t do much more. Ew I am currently watching the tv while blogging and first, the Kardashians put a snake in Kris Humphries’ bed…gross. Then, a commercial came on and it was showing […]

Roll Out

When I made Mama Pea’s Peanut Mmmm Sauce awhile back, I had hopes of making a different meal each night to use the sauce on. When I said ‘hopes,’ maybe we should change that to ‘high hopes.’ Obviously, as it seems to always do, life got in the way and I didn’t cook as many dinners […]

Renovation Vacation

For my birthday, back in September, my parents bought me four chairs for my dining room table.  We needed extra chairs and I love to refinish furniture, so it was the perfect gift! The chairs had a cherry wood stain, which doesn’t fit with the style of the rest of my furniture, and green vinyl […]


When Nitika asked me last week if I wanted to go to The Melting Pot with MB and her for Ladies Night, all we could think of was how going to something called ‘Ladies Night’ makes us feel like…. Woo Girls. Woo Girls (Sorry about the bad quality video… it was the only one I […]

A Little Nutty

When life gets nutty, I get…peanutty. A few weeks ago, Mama Pea posted 5 vegan recipes that can be turned into 25 dinners.  Being the Asian-food-lover that I am, I immediately zeroed in on the Peanut Mmmm Sauceand the 5 dinner recipes that go along with it! Tonight, I made the Mmmm Sauce and, while […]

Op-Ed, Round 2!

Happy Saturday, readers! Thanks for checking in. Tonight, I have a great recipe for you from Carol (Momacita) and Relay Foods! Enjoy! Living in Kennett Square, PA, the Mushroom Capital of the World, has to have some perks beyond the lovely smell of compost in the air. The main benefit, obviously, is being able to buy nearly […]

Absolute Core

As part of my marathon training, I have been trying to work on my core to better my running form and increase my endurance.  When I stumbled upon The Core on Lauren’s blog, I was pumped; it combines core with leg and arm strength.  I decided to add it into my mix of core exercises. […]