A Weekend Away

Hello from Dulles Airport! I am currently on a layover from Cville, en route to… Charleston! I am headed to the Holy City to visit my dear friend Elisa and her family. We are running the Cooper River Bridge 10k bright and early tomorrow morning, so hopefully I can get a little bit of sleep […]

March Foodie Penpals

It’s Foodie PenPals day! One of my favorite days of the month! This month, I got a package from the lovely Jessica from jessicaisbaking. What impressed me first of all was that the box arrived like…three days after we were told who our penpal was. SO PROMPT!!! I loved it. I totally wasn’t expecting it […]

The Main Event: Shamrock Marathon Re-Cap

I’ve been so nervous to write this post!! I’m not sure why, but probably because I want to do the race justice– this was one of the biggest/most important moments in my life so far, if not THE biggest! It probably also didn’t help that I’ve had over a week to stew over it and […]

Recovery Shake

When I got back from Virginia Beach on Monday, I was already not feeling great–my sore throat showed up when I woke up Monday morning– and I was SO HUNGRY.  I wanted something that would soothe my throat and fill me up, and definitely something with protein! I settled on a protein milk shake with […]

The Dinner

Hello, hello! I am back in action after my marathon, a week of being sick, and a weekend of having no internet! Whew! It certainly has been QUITE a week. I still have a gross cough but am feeling SO MUCH better than I was last week; it was such a bummer to be feeling […]

I’m So Hungry

Holy moly, am I hungry. Like, all day. I had an idea that this would happen post-marathon, but I never knew how bad it would be!! At lunch, I bought two meals because I thought one would not be enough. Two was too much, but I am so glad I got the salad as well […]


I ran a marathon!!!! Slowly, but I got to the finish! More details to come. Just wait til you see my tan lines…

One and a Half Days

Congratulations to vegAnn, who won my giveaway! Ann, email me your address to ejmongan@gmail.com and I will send you the gift card!! Congrats! Well, we finally have internet back! I honestly don’t know what Comcast’s problem is.  They keep telling us that the internet cable on our street is not large enough to support all […]

Giveaway Ends Today!

Sorry for the lack of posting this week– the internet has been out at our house and I haven’t had time to call Comcast!! Hopefully I will be back up and running tonight. Just wanted to remind you that my giveaway ends today at 5pm ET! Be sure to enter to win a $20 itunes […]


First things first: Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!! You can win a $20 itunes gift card! Enter here: http://www.theweekdayvegan.com/?p=993 I am a TOTAL BUNDLE OF NERVES today.  Ever since Saturday’s Team run, the last one before the race, reality has set in that I am actually going to be running a marathon. Yikes! I’m REALLY […]