Frittata Party

Today I went back to CrossFit (I took a few days off from exercising to give my legs a full break) and it was AMAZING. I seriously love that place. The team atmosphere is amazing and the workouts are hard but awesome. Today, though, I had my first casualty:

Blisters!! And one that got rubbed off already. They appeared and one came off in 6 minutes. Seriously, six minutes. We did some squat and form practice, and then for our workout we did sets of 10 leg lifts (knees to elbows, or as close as we could get!) and 10 slam balls, AMRAP in 6 minutes.  The knees to elbows really hurt my hands! I really need to increase my hand/bar grasp strength.

On Saturday night, my friend Nitika and I went to concerts for the Tom Tom Founders Festival, which is in its first year here in Charlottesville! It was a really fun concert night–we went to see Futurebirds, Hill and Wood, and Josh Ritter (the headliner of the festival.) All of the concerts were really good, but after that I was kind of concerted out!

Before heading to the concerts, we cooked some dinner. I have a million eggs in my fridge (long story short, I accidentally put the same order in twice on Relay and received some eggs also in the monthly tasting box (which I had two of) and also had ordered a dozen eggs (which I also received two of.) So, basically, all in all, I have about a billion dozen eggs. I wanted to use some of them so I decided a frittata was in order!

I love frittatas, omelettes, etc because you really can throw in whatever you have on hand. Since I had a million leafy veggies and some asparagus, they were the main focus of the frittata.

I cut up some kale, chard, asparagus, mushrooms and spring onions.

I put it in a casserole pan because I was not sure if any of my frying pans could go in the oven…I should check on that!

We had some leftover tomatoes from the caprese that Nitika was making so we threw those on top!

Next up were the eggs.

See that HUGE egg? It was a twin! So fun.

I topped the frittata off with some cheddar with chives and put it in the oven at 350*.

I wasn’t sure how long to cook it for, so I just kept checking on it every 15ish minutes.It probably took about 45-50 minutes total. If it had been in a frying pan and thinner, it definitely would have cooked faster which would have been nice. It ended up being more of a crust-less quiche than a frittata.

We enjoyed the delicious caprese while we waited for the frittata to cook. YUM!

Finally, the frittata was ready! And it was worth the wait–delicious. I had it again for dinner on Sunday night and then for lunch today =) Delicious each time.

For lunch today I ate it with ketchup. Good both ways!



  1. This looks so good!! thanks!

  2. Hey Lizzie! No, unfortunately, I haven’t yet. My dilemma with TNT is that the group is based out of the capital city 4 hours away, and TNT is not yet popular in my area. I could participate in TNT via the Flex program, but I would be going it alone and I feel it would be much harder and I wouldn’t have the same experience. I still hope to do it someday, though!

    I see that you’ve begun doing CrossFit (I’ve been so intrigued with it since Tina’s started!). How are you liking it? How are you finding it in relation to running?

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