June Foodie Penpals


I got THE most amazing Foodie Penpals package this month! Katherine from Carpe Viam sent me a chock-full Sperry box of treats. I ADORE the fact that she sent it in a Sperry box. So creative! When I opened it up, it was full to the brim. I am going to show you what was […]

Midi Skirt


As you may have noticed, there is a new category, “LizzieLongLegs,” on my blog and on the header menu. My plan with this category is to share a little bit of what I wear. I am by NO means the most fashionable person I know, but I also do spend some time thinking about my […]

WOD: Monday 6/25 {and confessions}


As usual, we had a great workout at CrossFit on Monday! We started with Shoulder Press as our strength. We were meant to do 3 sets of 3 reps and 3 sets of 1 rep, either working up in weight or close to our maximum weight (one rep max) if we know it. I still […]

June Birchbox


June’s Birchbox was a REALLY good one. Check out this line-up: I love the cool extra– a very cute bag to put liquids in for airplane travel! It is tili brand, but it looks like Lilly, doesn’t it? Here are the cosmetics in my box: I absolutely adore the sunblock– the matte finish is amazing. […]



Another exciting post about mi familia! I can’t believe I have never written a formal announcement or congratulations–I guess I wrote it in my head but never on the blog! My brother and his girlfriend are engaged! Hooray! I am so excited that Kristen is OFFICIALLY joining the family, and that I will finally have […]

Happy, Happy Day!


Happy, happy birthday to Mamacita! Today is the anniversary of Carol and her twin brother Doug’s birth! Happy, happy day! Love you, Mumsy! Eat lots of cake tonight!

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble


Last night I went for a run with Charlottesville’s Lululemon Run Club! This was their second week of weekly runs– Thursdays at 6:15pm if you are in Cville and interested! I plan to start going as often as I am able. I planned to meet my friend Steph there, but I also made a bunch […]

Epic Smoothie


Tonight at CrossFit, we had a great WOD. It was a really good one for working on my skills in certain lifts and building my strength; it was less of a cardio workout, though. (Also, they wrote the date wrong, this was Wednesday 6/20, not 6/21.) First, for our strength, we did 5 sets of […]

WOD: Friday 6/15


Friday’s WOD was a team challenge! Woot woot. I had actually never done a team WOD before.   First up, for strength, was working up to a two rep max weighted pull-up. So, I can’t even do unassisted pull-ups, much less weighted ones, so I just worked on grip strength and arm strength via doing […]

Teriyaki Salmon and Soba Noodle Salad


When I was about eight or ten, I saw a recipe on the Today Show (always been my favorite morning show!) that I decided I MUST MAKE. I liked to bake/cook, but I wasn’t that much of a chef. This recipe, though, Salmon with Soba Noodle Salad, was going to become my go-to. Whenever I […]