CrossFit Basics

I am becoming so obsessed with CrossFit. I love it so much! I know it is one of the trendy workouts these days, but I really think it is amazing and it is here to stay.

I’ve had a lot of people say that they are interested in what I write about CrossFit, but they really don’t understand exactly what it is and what all the terms mean. This post is my take on what CrossFit is, to try to explain it in terms of what I have experienced. Some people may disagree with my interpretation of CrossFit, which is fine– I am not speaking for CrossFit everywhere, just trying to explain it in my terms.

As CrossFit explains on their website and in every box (box=gym) CrossFit is “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.” Basically, “constantly varied” means that CrossFit workouts are rarely the same. There are so many different CrossFit workouts so it is not necessary to repeat them often. Sometimes we will repeat them in order to track our progress, but not often. Each workout is very high intensity– the workouts are quick but SO hard. I am normally dying for breath and feeling like I will fall over by the end of the workouts, but in a good way (and safe! I will never take it too far to hurt myself.) In terms of “functional movement,” CrossFit uses real-life skills and just makes them hard.  For example, we do movements that are/could be necessary in real life, i.e. box jumps. Instead of strengthening our legs by isolating one muscle (which is not a bad thing, just different!) we jump and move, which uses multiple muscles and can be easily transferrable to life skills. Hmm, this one is feeling hard to describe! I guess another example is pushing really heavy weights through a parking lot or flipping a huge tire. I have actually never done these in a CrossFit workout, but I know that they are in some workouts and I am excited to try them! If you ever need to push or move something large, pushing heavy weights at CrossFit is good practice for that.

There are some facets of CrossFit that are hard to understand if you have never tried it. That being said, many CrossFit boxes offer free trial classes. I recommend going to one at your local box! You can use this map to find one near you.

At first, I was intimidated by CrossFit. Everyone there seemed so strong and already skilled at it! One of the great things that I learned, though, is that everyone is very accepting at CrossFit and willing to help you out if you are new. Here are the rules at my box:

Rule #1: No Egos! I honestly could feel this the first time I did a real CrossFit class– although everyone can lift a lot more than I can and is better at it, they did not have an ego! And they were so excited for me in my first class. This is my favorite thing about CrossFit: it is so team-oriented. No one leaves before everyone is finished the WOD (workout of the day) and if someone finishes first, they cheer on everyone else.

If you have the opportunity, I recommend trying a CrossFit class. Even if you do not continue it, one class (or a few months!) is a great thing to do to learn what all the hype is about and see if it may be for you. It is not for everyone, but it is great to try it! If you have any questions about my experience, let me know. I have put a guide to CrossFit terms on the right sidebar of my blog, so you can understand what I am talking about when I talk about CrossFit.

** These opinions are entirely my own and not endorsed by CrossFit. I have only been doing CrossFit for three months and am not a trainer; therefore, I still don’t know everything about it! This was my attempt to explain the workout style in terms that some who do not know about CrossFit may be able to understand.


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