WOD: Friday 6/15

Friday’s WOD was a team challenge! Woot woot. I had actually never done a team WOD before.


First up, for strength, was working up to a two rep max weighted pull-up. So, I can’t even do unassisted pull-ups, much less weighted ones, so I just worked on grip strength and arm strength via doing banded pull-ups. (Grip strength is strength in your hands/forearms to grip things.) Banded pull-ups are pull-ups with, effectively, a giant rubber band looped around the pull-up bar. You put your knee or foot in the rubber band and because it is stretched, it helps you pull yourself up when you do pull-ups. Here is a video of banded pull-ups.

For the WOD, you can see above that we did 100 double unders (or 300 single unders), 50 pull-ups, 100 pushups, 100 sandbag cleans, and 100 wall balls in teams of two. That means that the team as a whole needs to do that full amount–each person only needs to do part of that (evenly divided if the team wants, but not necessarily!) This workout was for time, meaning you try to get it done as quickly as possible.

Since there was an odd number of people in the class, my team was a team of 3. There were different ways we could have worked out the WOD, but we decided to have 2 people going at once, and then while those two were resting, the other would go. Since we had 3 people, we had to do 1.5 times as many of everything–i.e. 150 double unders (450 single unders), 150 push-ups, etc. However, since we had two people going at once, we would end up at approximately the same time as if 2 people had done the workout regularly. It took a lot of coordination and mid-workout math, but we made it work! Courtney, Maurie and I were a team, and we finished in 20:53! I did ring rows in place of my pull-ups and single unders.

I can only imagine that a lot of you are saying “what the heck are sandbag cleans?!” In all honesty, I wasn’t 100% sure what they were before the workout, either. Remember when I told you about power cleans the other day? Well, sandbag cleans are power cleans but with a weighted sandbag. Simple as that! Other than those, I think the workout is pretty self-explanatory. I think I also explained wall balls the other day!

Great workout! If you are looking for a new workout at home, try the first three exercises–100 double unders (or 300 single unders), 50 pull-ups and 100 push-ups. You don’t need any equipment other than a pull-up bar! Also, if you want to try wall balls but don’t have a wall ball, just substitute air squats (regular squats, your hips come lower than your knees, back stays up straight and your knees are not further forward than your toes) and pretend to throw an imaginary basketball up in front of/above you.

Have fun!

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