WOD: Wednesday 6/13

Last Monday, we did an awesome day at CrossFit. (Side note: remember to check out my list of CrossFit terms on the right sidebar if you don’t know what something means!)

First, we did strength work of 2 power cleans each minute for 10 minutes, EMOTM (every minute on the minute.) I.e. when time started, we did two power cleans, and then rested until the clock hit 1:00. Then, we did two more, and rested until the clock hit 2:00. The longer you waited in between the two power cleans, the less rest you will have until the next set.

Power cleans are a barbell weight move where you have the bar down at your feet (on the ground) and you are in a squat. You power upwards, stand up, and get the bar up to the front of your shoulders. There is definite technique, but it is hard to describe it in words– check out this video if you would like to see how to do it.

By the end of the 10 minutes, I was tired! Cleans are hard. I am still working on technique so I am not using the maximum amount of weight that I could, but it’s still tough. However, we hadn’t even started our WOD (workout of the day)!

As you can see in the picture above, the WOD was 2 rounds of a “farmer carry” with weights in each hand around the building, 20 ring dips and 20 wall balls. I know, I know– that probably sounds like a foreign language to some of you! Here’s what it is:

“Farmer carry”: still not sure exactly what it means, but we had weights in each hand and speed-walked around the perimeter of the building. The other tall person that day and I decided there was definitely a height advantage on this part– since our legs are longer, we were able to walk further faster. I crushed the first round of farmer carry. By the second round, the weights were slipping out of my hands because my grip strength needs improving!

Ring dips: you know those rings they have in gymnastics? I think male gymnasts use them. Well, imagine having to hold yourself up with arms straight and hands in the rings, lower yourself down until your forearms are parallel to the ground, and then pushing yourself up to the starting position. All while maintaining stability in the rings hanging from ropes. Yea, it’s pretty crazy. Needless to say, I did NOT do ring dips! The alternative was to do box dips, which is where you put your hands behind you on top of a wooden box (you are facing away from the box) and your legs out straight, and you lower and raise yourself with hands on top of the box. Much, much easier. Much more manageable! Here are rings dips and here are box dips.

Wall balls: Wall balls are when you have a weighted ball (like a soft medicine ball) and you squat down low, raise yourself up and throw the ball up high on the wall. When it comes down, you catch it as you are lowering back into a squat and repeat. Here is a video of wall balls. Wall balls are a great thing to do at your own gym if you have access to the right type of ball because they are pretty easy to learn how to do. They are hard work when you do a lot in a row, but pretty easy to get the hang of the form.

This WOD was HARD!!!! Sheesh, by the end of it, I honestly thought I might fall over! (In a good, safe, just tired from working so hard way.) Again, this is something you could try at home or at your gym if you have the proper equipment. However, always check with a doctor before starting or changing intensity of exercise!

I finished in 11:57 but I used different weights than prescribed– I used 35 pounds (#) in each hand for the farmer carry (prescribed was 45# for women but our trainer said we should do 35), I did box dips instead of ring dips (duh) and I used a 6# wall ball since I am still working on getting low enough into my squats. Also, I used 57# total for the power cleans. Whoo-wee, that was tough!


  1. I’ve heard such awesome things about CrossFit, but I’m scared to try it! I know you can modify every workout to what works for you, but I’m still scared that I’ll look dumb or not be able to keep up with everyone!
    Sara @ The Foodie Diaries recently posted..“Ohhhh Sometimes I Get a Good Feeling”My Profile

    • Honestly, I felt the same way when I first started, but DON’T!!! Everyone is so nice and helpful and really doesn’t judge at all. Also, my box had on-ramp classes, which basically get you up to speed to jump into the regular classes. Everyone in the on-ramp classes is pretty new, so it is a great way to start out. I seriously recommend you try it and don’t be nervous! Let me know if you do it =)


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