July Foodie Penpals


My Foodie Penpal for July was Eating as a Path to Yoga. I was anxiously awaiting the box all month, as I do every month, and it finally arrived! I opened the box and it seemed to be packed to the brim. I loved the crinkled paper that was in the box – so cute. […]

The High Waisted Skirt


I’ve got to say, I love high waisted skirts. I wear at least one a week… not a joke! This white skirt is one of my favorites. It actually has a sash that can tie around, but it is easy to remove and disguise the loops, so I wear it both ways. This day, I […]

CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen


If you haven’t noticed, I love visiting other CrossFit places. It’s awesome to see how they compare to CrossFit Charlottesville and to meet other CrossFit fanatics. While I was in New York, I just HAD to go to a CrossFit class. Had to. No choice, decided it was a must-do. After never hearing back from […]



After the Boston visit and lunch with my brother, Mom and Grammy shoved me out of the car (kidding) and sent me to the train to get into NYC! I arrived in Grand Central Station ready to roll! I planned to cram a LOT into this trip and was ready to hit the ground running. […]

Bahhstan – Wicked Awesome


As I’ve mentioned, my mom, Grammy, and I roadtripped up to Boston last week to visit my great Uncle Bob and great Aunt Alice. We left bright and early Monday morning and saw the entire Northeast region on our way up 95! Entering Jersey: Hello, New York! (Are they really making a new Ice Age […]

Tour de Concord: Running Style


As you may know, I was on vacation last week! Woohoo! Hence the lack of posts, mainly due to lack of internet, but also because I was having too much fun! I went to Concord, MA (outside of Boston) with my mom and Grammy for a few days to visit Grammy’s brother, my Great Uncle […]

CrossFit Riverfront


I have so many things to talk about! I went offline the past two days due to traveling to/being in Boston with my mother and grandmother to visit my grandmother’s brother and sister-in-law. It was quite a trip! I am now sitting in a Starbucks in beautiful New York =) While I was home over […]

I’m A Little Crabby

photo 1

So, when my little cousin (now 6) was about 3, he used to say “I’m a little crabby!” often, and pretended to be a crab, as in the animal (crustacean??) Well, to me, it always sounded like he was saying he was crabby, as in cranky, so now whenever I see/eat crabs, I think of […]

Lemony Pasta Salad


{Have you “Liked” The Rogue Runner on Facebook yet? How about following on Twitter? Check out both!} Last weekend, I made a batch of the best pasta salad I have had recently. (Although, I did have some great caprese pasta salad on the 4th of July at the barbecue I went to. Must get that recipe!) I’ve been […]

The Blouse


{Have you “Liked” The Rogue Runner on Facebook yet? How about following on Twitter? Check out both!} For at least two years, I have been on the hunt for a blouse, preferably silk, that looks effortless but tailored at the same time. Sounds relatively simple, no? Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find one that […]