Today was an EXTRA SPECIAL day at CrossFit! There was just one class since it is a holiday, but, as they said on the website, everyone on earth was invited. Yes, everyone. There was even a child doing it (who had an AWESOME mullet, by the way. I wish I had gotten a pic.) A LOT of people came! I was expecting it to be either empty or very crowded, and it ended up being really crowded, which was so fun.

The WOD was pretty straightforward and scalable but hard!

I partnered with my friend Emily for the workout. The workout was to:

1) run around the building with a sandbag (divided any way, i.e. I ran with the sandbag for the first half while Emily ran next to me with nothing, and then we switched halfway around the building)

2) 25 partner pull-ups (pull-ups where you can help your partner up towards the bar.) Emily and I did ring rows instead of partner pull-ups. The 25 were split between partners any way we wanted– I did 10 and Emily did 15 because she wanted me to do more of the burpees!

3) 25 high-five burpees (burpees where you give your partner a high-five at the top; only one partner is doing burpees at once, though.) As I mentioned, I did more of the burpees (15) and Emily did more of ring rows (15) because I am better at burpees and she is better at ring rows!

4) 25 Slamball/medicine ball situps– partners link legs in sit-up position and one partner does a sit-up with the ball overhead (it touches the ground behind your head) and then hands the ball to the other partner at the top. Each time the ball touches the ground is one rep!

5) 25 slamball/medicine ball lunges– just a lunge holding the ball! These can be split any way, also– we started doing a few each and then switching, but then moved towards doing 12/13 and then switching.

Three rounds of 2-5, and then another sandbag run around the building. Whew!!

The WOD was really hard but a reallllly good workout! I loved it. We were pretty slow (mostly due to the sit-ups, we maybe should have done a lower weight slamball since they took way longer than they should have!) but it was awesome and we used pretty good weights. We used a 32 pound sandbag and a 20 pound slamball.

Finished last in 23:36! Woot woot! Oh, and our team name was “America!” Obviously.

I love CrossFit. I love the 4th of July. Go America!


  1. all I remember is during the last lap with the sandbag, Shaun goes, “let me know when you want me to take it from you,” and I said “TAKE IT WHEN I’M DEAD.”
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