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If you haven’t noticed, I love visiting other CrossFit places. It’s awesome to see how they compare to CrossFit Charlottesville and to meet other CrossFit fanatics.

While I was in New York, I just HAD to go to a CrossFit class. Had to. No choice, decided it was a must-do. After never hearing back from a CrossFit location in the Boston suburbs, I definitely wanted to get to one in New York. I looked up the locations in the City and tried to figure out a) which was relatively close to where I was staying and b) which looked like a good place to visit. CrossFit NYC looked popular, but probably TOO popular – they have about 5 classes going on at a time – and I figured they would be so busy they wouldn’t be able to fit me in and figure me out, i.e. the fact that I do CrossFit, but was visiting NYC. I am glad I didn’t go there – Jocelyn later told me she went to a class there and that there was an overwhelming number of people and that it was VERY crowded. Anyway, I decided on CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen – just across the city from where I was staying. Also, they responded very quickly and were helpful in getting me set up to sign up for a class, so I decided it was a winner!

I went on Thursday morning at 11:30 while my friend that I was staying with was at work.  Even though it was a lunchtime-ish class, the class was not crowded at all! There were only 6 of us at that class time, and the 12:15 class didn’t look to be very crowded, either. Although, the gym was so huge that it really could have handled a big class!

I got to the class early enough to let the instructor know I was there (I had already emailed with him letting him know I was coming but wanted to meet him beforehand, as well) and get acclimated to the place. It was amazing! So huge, as you can see from the above picture, and they had a lot of the same equipment that I am used to, nothing bizarre and outrageous (although most CrossFit boxes have the exact same stuff since there seems to be one brand (Rogue, I obviously love the name) of equipment that they all use. One thing that was amazing about CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen is that they had approximately twelve thousand (obviously an exaggeration, but a lot) pull-up bars and areas, which we tend to be low on in Cville.

This gym also had a big upstairs area with bathrooms, showers, locker room, etc, which would be really nice if people were coming at lunchtime and going back to work, or going right before or after work. Ideal for an NYC location!

Once it got to 11:30, we did a warm-up, stretching and got down to the strength work for the day – Push Press. We worked up to our 1RM (one rep max,) which was good for me because I had never done that.

I got to 80#, which I am pretty proud of! I can’t wait to see how I progress and get stronger as I continue with CrossFit.

For the WOD, we did an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 7 push presses at 70% of our 1RM, 30 split jumps, and 15 GHDs.  Split jumps are where you are in close to a lunge position and you jump to switch legs. GHDs are a type of sit-up where you are on a sort of machine and you dip backwards and lift your torso all the way up – check out this video, they are hard to explain. Anyway, the instructor said that if we hadn’t practiced GHDs before, which I hadn’t, we should work on them outside of class before trying them in a WOD. Three people in the class had done them before, so they did GHDs for the WOD, but three of us hadn’t, so we did abmat sit-ups (similar to regular sit-ups just on a little cushion that allows you to bend back a bit further) instead. Totally fine with me, I like to see/try things before trying to figure them out in a WOD – nothing like the pressure of being timed to make me spaz and mess up new things.

So, 7 push press at 70% of 1RM, 30 split jumps (body weight only) and 15 abmat sit-ups. Since my 1RM was 80 pounds for the push press, 70% is 56#, so I used 55# because that is the closest I could get with the weights – a 35# bar and a 10# weight on each side for a total of 55#.

I made it through 4 rounds and 3 extra push presses in the 10 minutes. Not bad, but I should have done better – next time!

I loved visiting CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen – everyone was really nice and the instructor was really helpful and welcoming. I really wanted to buy a tshirt like I did at CrossFit Riverfront, but unfortunately they were out and were waiting for a shipment of new shirts! I will just have to go back!


  1. You are awesome for seeking out a crossfit place while in NYC! Nice to have options in a big city and totally impressed you made that happen! Plus like you said it’s probably cool to really compare other places to what you are use to!
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