Finally Finished

I am finally finished refinishing my chairs! Remember these?

When I took off the nasty green vinyl, they had awesome needlepoint underneath, but it was dusty and dirty so I couldn’t use it. Also, I got really cool new fabric to cover them with, so I didn’t want to use the needlepoint!

I put cushioning on top of the needlepoint to preserve it and to make the chairs more comfortable!

These chairs took about 2 coats of the ebony stain and a few coats of the polyurethane sealant.

I had been painting them in the attic, but the sealant seemed to NEVER dry, so I finally took them outside. It worked SO much better. The tarp killed our grass underneath, though… oh well! Worth it.

Meanwhile, I stapled-gunned the fabric onto the seats.

When the chairs were dry, I screwed the seats onto them.  Ta-da!! Finished, finally!

How cute is this fabric?

We have already gotten a lot of use out of them. So glad they are finally finished!

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