I’m A Little Crabby

So, when my little cousin (now 6) was about 3, he used to say “I’m a little crabby!” often, and pretended to be a crab, as in the animal (crustacean??) Well, to me, it always sounded like he was saying he was crabby, as in cranky, so now whenever I see/eat crabs, I think of G-unit saying “I’m a little crabby!”

Sidetracked. Saturday night, we went to one of my favorite places– Chesapeake City, MD, to The Tap Room for crabs! It is not peak crab season (August) but I love them and hadn’t been to The Tap Room in awhile, so I demanded we go. Carol, John and I went and took Grammy and Pop-Pop with us!

Chesapeake City is on the C&D Canal in Maryland and is so quaint and beautiful. Most of the houses/buildings look like this:

It is so adorable. I don’t actually know how old the town is, but decently old I would say, based on the buildings. We went to The Tap Room, my favorite place for crabs, since we have been going there forever. I.e., my family has been going since before I was born I believe? I remember going to TTR throughout my childhood. The art of picking crabs was instilled in me at a very early age!

They technically have a menu, but we only ever order the same things: fries and crabs, both smothered in Old Bay, and beer. I can’t imagine ordering anything else!

Yum. The crabs we got were a little small and not very full, since it is not the best season, but there was meat to be found in them and I always love the taste. Pretty much every crab has a great backfin.

We ordered two dozen for the 5 of us– some of them were not great or pretty empty so we didn’t bother picking them, so some of us had 4 and some had 5.

I never like smelling like crabs after picking them, but it is SO worth it for the experience! We were talking last night about how some people REALLY do not like picking crabs, but I can’t imagine not going to Maryland and having crabs! It has become such a part of me and my life memories.

And the views in Chesapeake City aren’t bad, either!

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