Tour de Concord: Running Style

As you may know, I was on vacation last week! Woohoo! Hence the lack of posts, mainly due to lack of internet, but also because I was having too much fun! I went to Concord, MA (outside of Boston) with my mom and Grammy for a few days to visit Grammy’s brother, my Great Uncle Bob, and my Great Aunt Alice. We had a great time! On Wednesday morning, I went for a run around Concord before we hit the road. So, without further ado, here is a tour of Concord by foot!

I started off at Uncle Bob and Aunt Alice’s building and ran towards downtown Concord.

I passed by a house that, if I am remembering correctly, Uncle Bob told me is the oldest house in Concord? I may be wrong, though. Please correct me if you know!

I passed under a railroad bridge and then came upon a river, above which the T was traveling. It looked so pretty!

And in a flash it was gone, with all the commuters heading to work while I was on vacation. Muahaha!

There was a really cute boathouse on my other side– the lighting was not right, however, to catch it with my iPhone camera. Just trust me!

Next I came up towards downtown Concord. On my left was Concord Academy, which Business Insider ranked as the #3 most expensive private high school in the nation. Yowzah.

It looks like a pretty nice place to go to school.

When I got to the library, I turned back!

I loved running in Concord because they had these awesome soft paths the whole way:

They weren’t gravel, but they weren’t pavement or cement, either. They seemed like the dirt/dust that gravel generally sits in, just without the actual gravel. Nice and soft on my legs!

I passed approximately 1 million gorgeous houses on the way to/from Concord. So. Darn. Cute. I refrained from taking pictures of all of them, though, because I wouldn’t have been able to run at all if I kept stopping! Here are two:

At first I thought that white house was part of Concord Academy, but it was just a house next door to the school. White houses with black shutters are attractive, but for some reason I always think of them as haunted/scary. I want to say it reminds me of the movie The Ring… was the house that the haunting girl lived in white with black shutters? Honestly, that movie still terrifies me. Have you seen it? Does it scare you?

Last but not least, i passed by Thoreau’s house! Yes, as in Henry David Thoreau, the one whose books you had to read in high school. Walden Pond was also close by, but I didn’t go see it. For some reason, I thought Walden was in the absolute boondocks based on the way he wrote about it…. it’s approximately a mile from his house in Concord. Yep.

Apparently Concord people (and maybe Boston people in general? Unclear) call him THOReau, with the emphasis on THOR, instead of thorEAU, as I had thought it was pronounced and we used to say in high school. Weird.

Well, that was my beautiful run! Despite the fact that I couldn’t pick up satellites at all with my Garmin, I mapped the run and it was about 3.75 miles. Not too bad. It obviously took me longer than it should have because I stopped to take pictures, but I had a blast! I love exploring cities by foot, especially while running!

Stay tuned for more about Boston, as well as my trips to New York and Hoboken!


  1. My grandparents live in Concord! So I think I’m pretty familiar with the path you took – such a gorg place.

    • No way!! That’s amazing. Concord is so gorgeous. How much do you love that gravel dust stuff?? Such a nice path!

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