Make New Friends, Keep the Old

What a cheesy title… I couldn’t think of anything more clever, though. I am currently reading Bossypants, so I have been feeling a lot of pressure to come up with funny things to say. I’m no Tina Fey, though.

Anyway, it is ABOUT TIME that I tell you about the rest of my trip to New York… oops! Where did we leave off? I had been to CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen earlier in the day and was just about to head to Chelsea Market for dinner with friends!

Alexandra and I met my friend Edward for dinner and drinks. We went to Friedman Lunch. It was tasty, but not the best thing I have ever eaten in my life.

The restaurant seemed to be some sort of Southern/Asian/Latin fusion. Didn’t quite hit the nail on the head, but it was fun, and we made it in time to get happy hour price on our bottle of wine, so we were thrilled.

After dinner, we walked along the High Line to the Standard’s Biergarten, but it was too crowded. Womp womp.

We headed down 14th to try to catch Manhattanhenge (it was that night) but unfortunately the clouds went in front of the sun JUST as it was setting. So disappointing! Apparently the same thing happened earlier in the summer on the other Manhattanhenge night. We headed to a bar nearby and had a great time with some of Alexandra’s friends, who joined us.

Friday morning, I woke up bright and early to go for a run with Jocelyn and Corey!! I was so excited to meet them and make new blogging friends! They are both so sweet and fun. We had the best time, even though I was dying (Corey is FAST, yo) so I had to split off onto my own mini-run. We reconvened just in time for the Luke Bryan GMA concert in Central Park, though =)

I’m SO surprised the cameras weren’t all over us, we were looking so ready for our close-ups. Who doesn’t want to see pics of sweaty, sweaty runners at a concert??

NBD, just Luke Bryan, you know. Fun fact, until very recently (I think like 3 days before the concert, luckily it was before then) I thought Luke Bryan’s one song went “Girl you make my sneakers go boom boom.” I thought it was so weird and cheesy, singing about his sneakers. It sounded like a Backstreet Boys song or something…and THEN I realized it is speakers, which makes a lot more sense. But whenever I hear it, I still sing sneakers because that’s what I thought it was at first and it has stuck. NERD ALERT.

SO SO fun to meet Jocelyn and Corey, I hope we can reunite soon–it was too short!

As I was walking back from dropping Corey at Rock Plaza, there were some Nesquik people handing out free chocolate milk. HELLO, perfect! Free run refueling!! Cha-ching, jackpot.

I walked back and I took a much needed nap… late night, early morning, and exercise. Hence why I never go out on weekdays, I’m just too old, my body can’t handle it. I need my 8 hours =)

Alexandra has summer Fridays, so we went to lunch at a super cute French restaurant when she got out of work.

After lunch, it was time for me to say au revoir and head down to meet Kristen to get our nails done! Great to see her, as always! We got much needed pedicures and chatted away, and then it was time to head over to Hoboken! I went to Hoboken for the night to see one of my favorite cousins, Meggie (am I allowed to say that? I think if I say “one of” it’s fine, right? Because technically they could all be “one of” my favorites?)

We had a fun, fun night. So amazing. I want to go back! I absolutely <3 Hoboken… it is so cute, fun, young and lively. The dream.

Super fun week of vacation!! I wish I could go back and do it all over again!


  1. You look amazing in those white pants!
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