Raleigh Rocks


Back in early April, my friend Annaliese and I went to visit our friend Amelia in Durham. The three of us went to high school together – we were all new students at Hong Kong International School the same year, so we bonded over “where the heck are we?” and other expat things! Now, Annaliese […]

Cville Loves Boston


Last night was the awesome 2.62 for Boston run at the UVA track! We had about 60 people turn out to run 2.62 miles to raise money for The One Fund. A HUGE thanks to everyone who came! Click the link HERE to see all of the event photos. Great news: we still have a […]

Pretty… Pretty… Pretty Muddy


Hi! Long time no talk. I’m still working on that sunset time lapse I promised you… it’s been harder to figure out than I expected! Here are some more updates: 1) My trip to Tucson was amazing. I will fill you in soon. I love it there soo much. 2) I was doing the CrossFit […]

Lots of Ks (race recaps!)

turkey trot johnny

Did you read about pv.body in my last post?  What did you think?  Did any of you take the style quiz?  What style did you get?  Hope you enjoy it! Definitely check pv.body out.  My link for 20% off is on the sidebar of my blog so you can find it easily =) I have […]

Today is the Greatest Day Ever

trader joes cville

Today is going to be the greatest day ever.  (I’m writing this Tuesday night so hopefully by the time this post goes live I will be having the best day ever.)  Why, you may ask?  A, Trader Joe’s opens in Charlottesville.  FINALLY.  B, lottery registration goes live for Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC!  Although, […]

Running is HARD! (Blue Ridge Burn Trail Race Recap)

blue ridge burn trail race

I just have one thing to say about running… it is HARD. Ok, I have a lot more to say than just one thing. But I thought I would start with that.  I realized after the Blue Ridge Burn trail race on Saturday that running a race isn’t as super simple as it used to […]

First Race Since March – Blue Ridge Burn Trail Race


Tomorrow, I am running the Blue Ridge Burn Trail Race with some friends from both Team in Training AND CrossFit Charlottesville.  Trail race?  Awesome!  5k?  Easy!  Or… is it easy? Despite my packed race calendar for the spring and summer, the last race I ran was in March.  MARCH!  As in, Cooper River Bridge Run. […]

Leaps and Bounds

runner finisher race philly rock n roll half marathon 1

Hello, friends!  I have returned from an unexpected hiatus.  Sometimes, life gets in the way of blogging.  However, I am back and better than ever! Here is the deal: Life was busy.  I’m not going to make any excuses, but I am sorry that I left you all hanging (if anyone actually reads this blog!) […]

The Most Colorful Non-Race Ever


{Have you “liked” The Rogue Runner on Facebook?} By now, you must surely have heard of the Color Me Rad 5ks! They have been “touring” across the country and I feel like everywhere I look, more people are participating in one! Well, lucky for me, they came to Richmond, VA, and when my friend Annaliese asked […]

Happy Running


Happy National Running Day!  One of the best days of the year! (After my birthday, obviously, and a few other days, but pretty stinkin high up there.) I did what any other sane person would do on National Running Day. Laced up my Mizunos and got out there. Wait, WHAT?!? Double take! YES, I ran!!!!!! It was […]