After the Boston visit and lunch with my brother, Mom and Grammy shoved me out of the car (kidding) and sent me to the train to get into NYC! I arrived in Grand Central Station ready to roll! I planned to cram a LOT into this trip and was ready to hit the ground running. […]

I’m A Little Crabby

photo 1

So, when my little cousin (now 6) was about 3, he used to say “I’m a little crabby!” often, and pretended to be a crab, as in the animal (crustacean??) Well, to me, it always sounded like he was saying he was crabby, as in cranky, so now whenever I see/eat crabs, I think of […]

For the Common Good


While my parents were here a few weeks ago, we went to one of the newer restaurants in Charlottesville, which also happens to be one of my new favorites! Commonwealth opened last fall but only recently have I come to really LOVE the restaurant. Possibly in part due to the fact that I never ate […]

Sister, Sister

As MB said to me the other day, this weekend was “the closest I will ever come to having sisters!” Other than Lotus, Mariam, Ashley, and all the other “sisters” I have (which I am not sure MB knows about) of course.  MB’s sister N came into town this weekend, so I had two sisters […]

Bluegrass Goodness

Some of my Georgetown BFFs came to visit Cville this weekend! Ashley, Brigitte, Britney and Sunny came down from DC for the weekend. They arrived late Friday night and we headed downtown to Commonwealth for dinner.  Unfortunately, Commonwealth still does not accept reservations (so silly and not a great idea) so we headed across the street […]

We’ll Sup Before We Go

While I was home this weekend, my parents and I went to Philly for dinner on Friday night.  Unfortunately, my brother was in Park City with all of his Wharton class (rough life, I know) so he was not able to join us.  Unfortunately we had to leave this adorable little nugget at home, but […]


When Nitika asked me last week if I wanted to go to The Melting Pot with MB and her for Ladies Night, all we could think of was how going to something called ‘Ladies Night’ makes us feel like…. Woo Girls. Woo Girls (Sorry about the bad quality video… it was the only one I […]

Vegan Veggies

I was in DC Tuesday and Wednesday, and had dinner with my Aunt Rosi on Wednesday night before heading back to Cville! It was really great to see Rosi since I haven’t gotten to see her as often now that I don’t live in DC anymore. Aunt Rosi lives in Maryland, right outside DC, so […]