Day Eleven: Fish Oil Gummies (Giveaway)

day four winner

Hello! This is the ELEVENTH of the Twelve Days of Giveaways… can you believe it is almost over?! But first, here is the winner of day four, the beef cookbook giveaway: Congratulations, Dorothy! Giveaway This giveaway is another great one – Fish Oil gummy vitamins! I love gummy bears and worms (and everything gummy!) and […]

Twelve Days of Christmas – Postponed

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been continuing the Twelve Days of Giveaways Before Christmas.  Since the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary, I haven’t felt cheery enough to pretend everything is fine and go on with my giveaways.  I’ll still pick a winner for the Applegate giveaway tomorrow, but I’m going to postpone […]


Hello hello! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend so far! Mine has been great–we had a Team in Training breakfast this morning and I got to meet a bunch of our fun new teammates-yay! Unfortunately, I still cannot run with them, but hopefully that will change soon. I get my bone scan on […]

Race Weekend

Spoiler alert: I’m not running. Darn shin splints! This weekend, I am home for the Broad Street Run, one of my family’s favorite race! I even convinced my roommate MB to come to Philly with me for the race! Unfortunately, I will just be spectating instead of running. I can’t wait until I am back […]

So Many Words

I have so many things I want to say and tell you all about but I have also had so many things on my mind that I have been overwhelmed!! As Ali would say, I am very “excitingly busy“!!! So here, without further ado, is a list of things that have been keeping me so […]

Many Things

(Edited to add: funny that I called this post “Many Things.” I am just now realizing that my middle/high school’s motto was Multa Bene Facta, or Many Things Done Well.  I knew “Many Things” sounded a bit familiar.  Fitting that I would channel Tower Hill School in writing a random post. Love that place.) Busy […]

Home Favorites

I love going home. I get to do all these amazing things like: 1) GO TO COSTCO Momacita, Papa, and I went to Costco while I was home because they needed a few things.  I miss having a Costco near me!!! Since you can have two cards on the same account, I used to have […]

We’ll Sup Before We Go

While I was home this weekend, my parents and I went to Philly for dinner on Friday night.  Unfortunately, my brother was in Park City with all of his Wharton class (rough life, I know) so he was not able to join us.  Unfortunately we had to leave this adorable little nugget at home, but […]


I have had a spaghetti squash that has been eyeing me from the counter for weeks. Staring me down every time I walk in the room.  Eaaaatttt meeeee. Actually, the squash’s name was Big Chuy, so it probably spoke Spanish. I didn’t give it the name, it was on there, but I embraced it. Cooooomameeee, […]


Ugh, so, my skin has been so awful lately. My dermatologist and I made a change in my skin routine and it is not working! I am so frustrated, but I went back to see my derm today so hopefully things will change. Argh. Just needed to vent a little. I honestly want to just molt […]